Candidate Spotlight: Lisa Blunt Rochester Poised for Historic Victory

Delaware is one of three U.S. states that has never sent a woman to Congress. This November, the First State’s Democratic candidate for its at-large House seat, Lisa Blunt Rochester, may finally change that, and also become the first African-American ever in its congressional delegation.

In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-to-2, it’s all but certain that Blunt Rochester will win on Nov. 8. Roll Call hit the campaign trail in Delaware this month to find out more about one of the likely new members of the 115th Congress.

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White House to Shift Ebola Funds to Zika Fight

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced Wednesday the White House will be repurposing $589 million of the remaining funds from the fight against the Ebola virus to aid in the combating the Zika virus. This amount is well below the $1.8 billion President Barack Obama requested from Congress for combating Zika earlier this year.

The administration “told Congress that just using some of the Ebola funds would be insufficient,” Earnest said. He added that the funding shift is “a temporary fix, and not at all a long-term solution.”

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Obama Looks to Congress on Panama Papers

Following the release of the so-called “Panama papers” that exposed a network of tax fraud on a worldwide scale, President Barack Obama called upon Congress to take steps to limit corporate inversion loopholes in the United States.

“I want to make this perfectly clear: while the Treasury Department actions will make it more difficult and less lucrative for companies to exploit this particular loophole,” Obama said, “only Congress can close it for good.”

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Postmortem – The Story of the Richmond Grave Robber

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This documentary is the final product of five months of researching, interviewing, shooting and editing. It’s a historical documentary produced by myself and my fellow journalism students, Sean Hicks and Dante Land. The film looks into the dark history of medical schools in the 1800s, which practiced grave robbing as a means of acquiring cadavers for medical dissection.

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