David Hawkings’ Whiteboard: Senate Elections Landscape

Less than six months to Election Day is time for a close look at the year’s second-biggest political story: Who will win control of the Senate? This week on the whiteboard Roll Call Senior Editor David Hawkings sketches a map showing the 12 key races and the Democrats’ clear path to a takeover.

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House Erupts in Chaos During LGBT Vote

Democrats on the House floor began chanting “shame” after the GOP voted down an amendment that would have provided protections for the LGBT community. The amendment was narrowly rejected, 212-213, after several members changed their votes.

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House Stands Down on Women in the Draft

After the Senate Armed Services Committee approved a provision in the defense authorization bill that would require women to register for the draft, the Rules Committee watered down the language of the House version of the bill, downgrading that requirement to a mere study.

While most Democrats were expected to vote in favor of adding women to the draft, many Republicans voiced opposition. Sen. Ted Cruz even suggested supporters of the measure were “nuts.”

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Recap: Trump’s Day on Capitol Hill

With various Republicans in Congress still on the fence regarding their party’s presumptive nominee, Manhattan businessman Donald Trump visited Capitol Hill Thursday, beginning to form relationships with congressional leaders.

“We are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified,” Speaker Paul D. Ryan said of his meeting with Trump. “This is a process. It takes some time. You don’t put it together in 45 minutes.”

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Reid: Trump and McConnell See Women as ‘Dogs and Pigs’

Shortly before presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump was to meet with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate leaders, Minority Leader Harry Reid criticized the two Republicans for their views on women.

“When they get together, they can talk about their policies about being anti-woman,” Reid said. “Since Sen. McConnell has so enthusiastically embraced Trump, we can only assume he agrees with Trump’s view that women are dogs and pigs.”

“We can only assume that the Republican Leader is not repulsed by Trump’s vulgar behavior towards women.”

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