“Cannibal Clan” Full Movie (2010)

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Throwback to my first feature-film, Cannibal Clan. Written and produced throughout my sophomore and junior years of high school, it stars my life-long best friends as both the innocent boy scouts lost in the woods and the zombie cannibals looking for a meal. It’s a severely amateur Z-movie, filled to the brim with illegally-used copyrighted music and plenty of plot holes, but it provided me with some amazing learning experiences in video production and editing, as well as some of my best memories. Check it out!

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Starring Shelby Fields as Curtis Tapert, Daniel Shinners as Yelnets Choake, Baylor Nelson as Johnny “Ponyboy” Summers, Alan Gordon as Steve “Sleetwoot” Fitzgerald, and featuring Jake Ford and Pat Dwyer as Dally and Skeeter.