Project 54 Presents: “Barbie”

During my sophomore year at VCU I was on track to be an advertising major. While I ultimately changed course to pursue journalism, I learned so much about the creative process and (unexpectedly) myself throughout two semesters of constant mining of the depths of my creative brain for new advertising approaches to various famous brands.

One of the best classes I’ve taken at VCU was an advertising course called “Curiousness,” which was dual-taught by ad geniuses Scott Sherman and Will Simms. The objective of the class was to come up with a new idea, exploration or art piece of a single brand everyday of the semester and post it to a blog. The brand we were assigned was Barbie. Needless to say, it was an exhausting process. All the ad students I’ve discussed the class with have their own Curiousness tales of woe. While I couldn’t stand it at times, in the end I was very proud of the breadth of work I put together over the course of 14 weeks. Posted here is the culmination of my project, a three-part sci-fi epic of everyone’s favorite 12″ girl as her universe is torn asunder.

Check out the video above, and take a look around the rest of my advertising blog, This Map is Right