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Exploring the crime of graffiti vandalism in Richmond, Va.


Richmond’s Summer(s) of Graffiti

Jane Downs was about to start the long drive home back to Philadelphia when she decided to take a little detour. Quickly pulling into a convenience store parking lot at the corner of Grace and Harrison streets, Downs hopped out of her car to snap a picture.

Like many Richmond visitors, she was enthralled by the massive graffiti-art murals created by the Richmond Graffiti Project that can be found throughout the city. In order to get the full, Richmond experience, she decided to give herself a quick, self-guided tour of the best murals she could find.

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” Downs said, speaking of the enormous mural called “Moonshine,” which is a depiction of a women bathing in a jar of strawberries.

After taking a few pictures, Downs left in a hurry to go find another mural before leaving Richmond.

“Moonshine” is just one of the many large-scale graffiti murals that have been created throughout the city in the past two years by the annual Richmond Mural Project, which will begin again this June.

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Experimental Short Film Festival at VCU’s Grace Street Theater

The annual Black Maria Film & Video Festival makes a stop at VCU’s Grace Street Theater on Wednesday, April 2, to showcase experimental short films from up-and-coming directors.

Award-winning films have been selected for this nationwide tour, which is in its 33rd year.

The event will have screenings of 12 selected short films, followed by a discussion between the filmmakers and attendees, said Anderson Gallery Director Ashley Kistler. The films will include a variety of genres produced by filmmakers from various nationalities.

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